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Times have changed !

Virtual CA Services are one of the most preferred cost-effective options without impacting the quality of controls.

With the changing business setups, requirements for assurance services are also advancing.

A lot of business entities nowadays prefer to go paperless and use clouds as their storage centres instead of traditional methods of accounts maintenance.

In addition, we are seeing more Organisations are using outsourced accounting for their accounting and financial reporting needs.

Here at Our Office, we have a proficient team of professionals who are able to provide Virtual Audit Services as per required Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), AASB, SQCs, SAs and the guidelines of ICAI, standards of uniform Guidance and other State compliance.

Even when we conduct the Services remotely, we still can meet with you in person to discuss your organization, internal controls and the audit process.

This meeting can be either at our office or at your office location or as an electronic meeting online.

Our team have extensive cross-industry knowledge and experience and have worked on numerous audits of Corporates, Non-Corporates firms, Trusts, Banks, local governments, transport, civil supplies, authorities and educational entities.

We are very well equipped with latest technologies like virtual servers, virtual network, online libraries and other smart devices which provide us with qualitative information to make our Virtual CA services more effective.

We understand the significance of privacy of data, and thus our all online portals are very well protected through encryptions and passwords to ensure that individual clients are able to view documents and access information related them only.

Our online client portal gives us the capability of sending and receiving data to our clients faster and more securely.

We provide a wide range of online services including:

1. Tax Audit
2. GST Audit
3. Trust Audit
4. Company Audit
5. Compliance Audit
6. Financial Audit
7. Information systems Audit
8. Investigative Audit
9. COperational Audit
10. Management Audit
11. Income Tax Consultancies
12. GST Consultancies
13. Company Law Compliance
14. Income Tax Reurns Filing
15. GST Returns Filing
16. MCA Portal Services
17. Company, LLP, Firm, Trust and Societies incorporation Services
18. Analytical Review and Analysis Reports of your Financial statements

Benefits of a Virtual Audit:

Virtual CA Services helps to streamline and maintain documentation and record control in the online environment through reoccurring scheduled reviews.

Virtual CA Services provide us better flexibility to schedule fieldwork as per client’s convenience and it is a
cost-effective alternative too.

Key priorities for virtualization for clients include:

a. Create a paperless environment
b. Consult with business units on what to measure and how to measure it
c. Standardize processes
d. Formalize audit risk measurement
e. Let the process drive the data to be collected
f. Avoid gathering data that doesn’t fit the need

Among its benefits, virtualization is also:

1. A cost saving option.
2. It provides a direct connection to data, often without physically moving it
3. It protects classified information during the audit process
4. It greatly reduces or eliminates the need for travel in conducting an audit
5. It produces accuracy and timeliness of results
6. It enables tool to replace proprietary systems

Audits of the future may not look much like audits today. With digitalization and virtualization at hand, auditors can use larger data sets and draw the data in from multiple sources without having to move physical equipment or transfer files from one computer to another.

How do Virtual CA services work?

Our Virtual CA service partners you up with a partner, a dedicated senior a team of virtual accountants, CAs and tax professionals work virtually with you to help guide your business to success.

We stand by our clients throughout the year from a business planning perspective so they don’t have any surprises at the end of the year!

Our reputation lies in building long lasting relationships with our clients, and a focus on delivering value in what we do.

If your business is growing business and you could use the help of a professional financial consultant, our Virtual CA Service is a perfect fit.

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