An Appeal !

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M/s Anbalagan & Muthukumarasamy
Chartered Accountants

An appeal by a Chartered Accountant!

■ Don’t come without appointments. If you come without appointment, I may be engaged with another work, and in that case, it will be quite embarrassing for both of us.

■ Please bring your old financial statements, income tax and GST records; Don’t bring your opinion about your previous Chartered Accountant. I am not better than him/her.

■ Come “prepared” with your doubts. I am happy if you can write and bring your queries especially ” in points form”  and it will be easy for me to answer the queries well in points form.

■ Don’t answer your “mobile” in “my cabin”. Keep it on “SILENT” mode and “LISTEN” to me.

■ Take my advice. Don’t read “internet” and “decide” about your “taxation or investments”, I don’t give solutions to my client’s problems by seeing instructions on internet. Hence you too also “can’t” get solutions on “Google”.

■ Don’t praise me that I helped you, because I didn’t do anything “extra”, it’s my duty to give professional advice. God only gives peace!

■ Do not try to adopt the methods for “postponing or avoiding fees payments”. A professional service will be complete only when the fees is paid in full.

■ My phone is for “EMERGENCY”. We don’t entertain any kind of service over phone. Kindly note that consultancy over phone may not give the desired results.

■ If you are not happy with my work, engage my “brother” or “sister” colleague. Let us be “proactive” ever.

■ If you want, you may wish me when we meet in a marriage or birthday party or in a hotel. But don’t discuss your tax problems there too.

I do acknowledge that I am a “Chartered Accountant” by profession; Please remember that  I am a “Human” like you…

“Thank You”…


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