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M/s Anbalagan and Muthukumarasamy,
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Pay income tax, file returns and purchase peace:

1. Filing your returns is a sign that you have duly paid the tax payable and that you are a responsible law abiding citizen.

2. Filing your returns makes easier for you to get a loan or a credit card.

3. Filing your returns helps you to claim deductions under various sections of the Income Tax Act.

4. Filing your returns is crucial if you to be eligible for a refund and to claim it.

5. Filing your returns in time helps capital losses to be adjusted against capital gains. Also you can ensure that in case you have loss on capital gains you can carry it forward for the next eight consecutive financial years.

6. Filing your returns would help you to get Visa since the foreign consulate would require proof of your income and Income Tax returns.

7. Filing income tax returns regularly through a qualified professional, helps you to avoid any prosecution that may arise due to non filing.

When E-Filing Income Tax returns, we need accurate information on income, deduction and taxes you have paid.

Here is a checklist for you when e-Filing your Income Tax returns:

1. Your ekyc. Identity u0026amp; address proof with photo.

2. Form 16: This is the most important document which your employee will provide you.

3. Details of immovable u0026amp; movable properties.

4. Details of all loans including your personal loans, vehicle loans, business loans, housing loans, private loans, credit cards and the loan account statements for the relevant financial year.

5. Details of Fixed deposits and the ledger copies for the relevant financial year.

6. Details of Shares u0026amp; Securities and dmat statements for the relevant financial year.

7. Details of all bank accounts and the bank statements or passbooks updated until March 31st of the relevant financial year.

8. Interest certificates and TDS certificates from banks and Post offices

9. Last year return copies and financial statements.

10. Summary Statement of all your investments fixed and current assets.

10. Summary statement of all your liabilities including long term, short term, secured and unsecured liabilities.

11. If you have let out house property, name and address of the tenant, annual rent amount, copies of municipal tax or properties tax receipt, rental agreement and the housing loan details.12. Proof for any investment eligible u/s 80-C, 80-D, 80G, etc.,

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