Key visa types for investors

Recent reforms in visa procedures complement India’s economic growth and facilitate foreign investors to do business in India.

For instance, the recent merger of Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) schemes has simplified the visa/ citizenship rules under a single set of guidelines.

Additionally, most parts of the visa process and foreigner registration in India have been made online. 

E-tourist Visa (Valid for 166 countries)

Entry into India is still subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry

Note: Foreign nationals planning to travel to India are required to possess a valid passport of their home country and a valid Indian Visa.


Key visa types for investors:

Employment Visa:

Highly skilled individuals intending to take up employment
Max duration: 5 years or period of contract, whichever is less extendable in India

Business Visa:

Visiting India for a business purpose
Duration: 5 years (Extendable in India)

Project Visa:

For executing projects in the power and steel sectors
Duration: 1 year or for actual duration of the project/ contract

“X”/ Entry Visa:

For accompanying families of foreign nationals
Max duration: 5 years (Extendable in India)

Other types of Visa:

Tourist Visa
Visiting India as a tourist
Max duration: 30 days (Not extendable in India)

Conference Visa
International seminars/ seminars held by Government/PSUs/NGOs
Max duration: Duration of conference

Transit Visa
For travellers passing through India
Max duration: 15 days (Not extendable in India)

Research Visa
Pursuing research in any field
Max duration: 5 years (Extendable in India)

Medical Visa
For seeking medical treatment in India at a recognized and specialized hospitals and treatment centres
Max duration: 1 year 

Online Visa Process

Identify your purpose of travel and visa category
Check preconditions for visa
Passport with at least 2 blank pages and 6 months validity

Populate the required fields in the online form
Upload photo and passport pages
Pay prescribed feeIf required,
schedule an appointment

Print and sign the application form
Approach/ courier to the concerned Indian Visa Application Centre/Indian mission
Attached receipt of visa fee/ postal order

Online/ Interview

If required, visit Indian consulate/ mission for interview
Some additional information may be sought by the consulate/ embassy

Courier/ In-person

If the visa is granted, the passport can be collected:In-personThrough courier

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